Bank of Dad

A Bankruptcy Judge’s Crusade for Financial Literacy

Ra-ngae December 1, 2016

Who better to teach financial literacy than someone that spent two decades witnessing the impact of bad money decisions? That’s how retired federal bankruptcy judge

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A New View of Financial Competence

November 29, 2016

Financial educators often think of their task as helping people make better financial decisions. But what is a better financial decision? It’s easy to come up

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Study Links Global Prosperity to Financial Education

November 22, 2016

Can financial education lead to more successful small businesses? A new study out of Canada says it can, suggesting that widespread learning about personal finance

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How to Turn Young Workers into Young Savers

November 18, 2016

When teens and young adults are given a savings account and the training and tools to manage it, most develop sound long-term savings habits, according

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This Two-Pronged Approach to Financial Education Works Best

November 15, 2016

As financial education becomes more about leading individuals to good outcomes and less about teaching them to get there on their own, we risk overshooting

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Sovereign Tribe Betting on Financial Education to Protect Youths’ Legacy

November 14, 2016

The casino operating Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin is betting big on financial education. Beginning this school year, tribal youth must take a financial education course

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How to Make Banks Easier to Understand

November 2, 2016

Perhaps the battle for global financial literacy should begin, not in classrooms and places of work, but inside the walls of our largest financial institutions.

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How Education, Region and Sex Weigh on Financial Education

October 30, 2016

Academics and policymakers  have been talking about the National Financial Capability Study since its summer release showed positive trends in how Americans experience their financial lives.

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