‘Spocking a Fiver’ and Other Financial Literacy Lessons March 14, 2017

In Canada, folks have taken to a peculiar practice with their currency. They call it “Spocking their fivers.” Individuals have been doing it for years,

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What Class Do You Wish You Had Taken? Financial Literacy, Say Half of Adults

March 10, 2017

Most adults in every age group say the high school class with the greatest benefit, if offered, is personal finance, a new survey shows. Money

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Double Whammy: Low Financial Literacy Plus Little Guaranteed Income

March 3, 2017

Americans are uniquely imperiled when it comes to retirement security, new research suggests. No other developed nation couples such low financial literacy scores with such

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Can a New-Look Financial Literacy Program Fix New Jersey’s Budget?

March 1, 2017

A different kind of common sense is giving financial literacy a boost in New Jersey. Not the kind of common sense that holds financial education

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Buffett’s Winning Bet has a Simple Money Lesson for All

February 28, 2017

Here’s a slam-dunk financial literacy lesson to share with kids and adults alike: keep it simple. That’s what Warren Buffett does. The strategy has made

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Soaring Poverty Rate and Failing Financial Literacy Scores No Coincidence in Mississippi

February 24, 2017

Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in the country and routinely earns the lowest scores in financial literacy tests. To her credit, State Treasurer Lynn

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Financial Education Battle Reaches a Boil in Quebec

February 14, 2017

The fight over financial education in high school has reached a boil in Quebec, Canada, where a strong-minded education official is trying to ram through

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What We Know About Financial Education from Broke Athletes

February 8, 2017

With perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever still top of mind, it is worth noting that some of the players in this game will be

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