How to Turn the Equifax Breach into a Teachable Moment

By Tim Ranzetta

September 14, 2017

Equifax delivers a financial literacy wake-up call

You can’t imagine a more enticing target to hack than one of the three credit reporting agencies. As you have no doubt heard at this point, over half of America has had the “crown jewels” of their financial history stolen. This will be a story that will unfold over months not days as Congress is sure to haul executives up to the Hill for hearings to learn a few things from company executives including:

We all know that credit reports and credit scores can be difficult topics to teach. Why not use this current event to have students research and complete a Scavenger Hunt that I created?

But first, a few high-quality resources that your students can use to complete the worksheet:

I wanted to see for myself, whether my information was safe. So I went to, and found I am likely one of the 143 million. Why would I ever enroll in their TrustedID Premier service, even if it is free? They can’t be trusted. My strategy going forward: Freeze my credit reports (which I had already done and blogged about almost three years ago after a series of high profile hacks, change passwords for some of my key financial accounts, and keep an eye on credit card and bank accounts for the foreseeable future.

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Posted in Youth on September, 2017