Investment Platform Stash Reveals Findings from First Financial Literacy Survey

Masaki-chō April 5, 2017

Stash, the digital investment advisor making investing easier and more accessible for American consumers, today announced the findings of its first annual financial literacy survey for Financial Literacy Month. The results reveal widespread misunderstanding held by Americans of all ages regarding basic tenets of investing and finance. Key findings include:

  • 41 percent of respondents do not understand that a diversified portfolio is a safer investment than a single stock
  • 40 percent of respondents do not understand how inflation works
  • 38 percent do not understand the concept of compounding
  • 26 percent believe a moderate investment should return over 16 percent annually
  • 16 percent do not know if they would prefer a higher or lower interest rate on their mortgage

Posted in Quick News on April, 2017