Dissecting Chinese Students’ Superior Financial Literacy Understanding

yon June 13, 2017

The four parts of China included in the recent PISA report on teen financial literacy came up aces, again, in this important area of knowledge.

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Tick-Tock: We Have Plenty Research, We Need to Act on Financial Education

May 30, 2017

A new study from the latest round of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) confirms–again–what the organization concluded in its last study in 2012:

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Bringing Financial Education To 1,200 Classrooms In 60 Days

May 26, 2017

At Next Gen Personal Finance, we set a goal this spring to bring activities and projects into 1,000 new classrooms. Our experience leading workshops had demonstrated the

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Financial Education More (not Less) Valuable Amid Student Loan Upheaval

May 24, 2017

This is what critics mean when they argue that the financial world moves too fast for financial education in the classroom to be effective: President

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These State Treasurers are Leading the Charge for Financial Literacy

May 19, 2017

Among African-Americans and women who experience gaps in employment, and may be getting left behind financially speaking, about a third of their disadvantage stems from

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New Grads: You Will Find a Job You Love, Maybe Just Not Right Away

May 15, 2017

It may be crazy to pick a fight with Warren Buffett. He’s not just a business and investing genius. He’s also a stalwart supporter of

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What Malta is Showing the Rest of Europe About Financial Education

May 10, 2017

In Malta, the small island-nation south of Sicily, two new programs introduced during European Money Week provide the latest evidence that financial literacy is a

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How Florida is Moving the Ball on Financial Literacy

May 9, 2017

A pair of bills in the Florida House and Senate that would make financial literacy classes a requirement for high school students are working their

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