This Tiny Nation Sees Financial Literacy as the Way Out of Poverty

June 8, 2017

Economic development in Sierra Leone has come a long way the past 15 years. Yet this tiny West African nation remains one of the poorest

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Financial Literacy: the More You Know the More You Want to Know

June 7, 2017

An individual’s level of financial literacy often determines whether he or she seeks financial advice, and not in the way you might expect. The most

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Here’s a Second Chance Financial Educators Must Understand

June 6, 2017

Are the Great Recession’s wounds really healed? You might think so; given recent jobs data and indications that the Fed is about to boost interest

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Adult Regret? No Financial Education When School Aged

June 5, 2017

Two in five consumers in the U.K. are still paying for financial miscues they made in the past, new research shows. Three in five wish

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How Financial Literacy Down Under Promises to Make Small Businesses Work Better

June 2, 2017

A new financial literacy tool  is changing how beef producers in Australia operate. The tool may serve as a global model for beef producers, experts

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Financial Literacy Seen as Key to Plugging $224 Trillion Pension Gap

May 31, 2017

Financial education is one of five keys to solving the global pension crisis, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. The report

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Tick-Tock: We Have Plenty Research, We Need to Act on Financial Education

May 30, 2017

A new study from the latest round of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) confirms–again–what the organization concluded in its last study in 2012:

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Bringing Financial Education To 1,200 Classrooms In 60 Days

May 26, 2017

At Next Gen Personal Finance, we set a goal this spring to bring activities and projects into 1,000 new classrooms. Our experience leading workshops had demonstrated the

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