Sleeping Better: Common Sense Creeps Into Student Debt Equation

buy dapoxetine online australia September 26, 2018

Families are feeling better about their ability to pay for college, new research shows. This is partly due to more systematic saving. But common sense

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Critics Winning? Student Loan Protections, Financial Education Benefits Take a Hit

August 30, 2018

Two decades into the modern financial literacy movement, a growing list of nations including the likes of  Russia, Saudi Arabia, and tiny Azerbaijan are joining Australia,

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The Surprising Amount That Parents Secretly Expect Their Kids to Pay for College

August 22, 2018

College costs have been front and center among financial educators for years. Kids leaving high school need to know what they are signing up for—before

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Why the Blame for Extreme Student Debt is Shifting

June 5, 2018

Individual U.S. borrowers with more than $1 million in federal student loans now number 101, up from just 14 five years ago. Such unthinkable levels

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This State Sees Student Debt as Gateway to Financial Literacy

March 14, 2018

With the effort to require personal finance instruction in schools at something of a stalemate, the Iowa State Senate last week took a different approach.

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Why Student Loan Payback Assistance Will Be The Next Big Benefit

March 7, 2018

Student loans are a ripe area where financial educators and corporate human resources departments can make a difference. Yet in both cases they are moving

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Next Workplace Benefit: Financial Education–For Employees’ Kids

February 21, 2018

With school-based financial education having hit a wall, it may be time to ask more of large employers. The foundation is already set. We just

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Amid Crippling Inaction at State Level, Signs that Financial Education May Bubble Up

December 13, 2017

The vast majority of states fail to deliver anything close to reasonable personal finance instruction in grades K-12, a new report finds. But in an

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