Why Your Gamer in the Basement Might Get a Great Job

By Dan Kadlec

June 22, 2017

Financial Literacy stalwart Monopoly

Teens in the basement playing video games on a sunny summer day can drive a parent nuts. Yet games are not a bad thing, and these days you will find big employers using them to screen job applicants.

Jaguar Land Rover said early this week it needs to fill 5,000 jobs, a good portion of them in well-paying engineering positions. The company wants job seekers to download an app with a series of puzzles to solve as a first step. Those who finish the games will be put on a fast track to employment.

Deloitte and Xerox screen through the video game Yellow Hook Reef, which measures problem solving and communication. Axa Group and Daimler Trucks test for social intelligence and spatial reasoning through a few rounds of Dashi Dash. At Jaguar, applicants must build a virtual car from spare parts in a make-believe garage, demonstrating creative thinking.

The job market is a different place today, as many information and software related positions require game-like skills. Business services giant PwC formally recognized this new landscape in the spring with a $320 million pledge to promote 21st Century job skills in schools as part of its financial literacy committment.

So don’t take a sledgehammer to your kids’ video game console. Instead, direct them to games that nurture worthwhile skills. In the financial literacy department, there is no shortage of quality games suitable for home or the classroom. Here are some of my favorites, video and otherwise:

Auction, Action

Bite Club

Celebrity Calamity

Disney: The Great Piggyback Adventure

Farm Blitz

Financial Football

Groove Nation

Invest Quest

Money Metropolis


Play Spent

The Stock Market Game

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